Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Upload Custom Template On Blogger Blog

Blogger has many cool templates with lots of features, but they have limited features and not so attractive in design.  But, most of the bloggers likes to add own templates. There are many sites available which provide high quality premium themes.

You can also find find hundred of sites which provides free blogger templates. Anyway lets come to point, our task is to add custom theme on blogspot. Blogger has function to upload custom blogspot templates.

Something you need to know before uploading a custom templates:

Blogger and blogspot supports only .xml file.  If your custom template is in zip format, first extract it any folder. After extract, you have to upload .xml file on Blogspot.


Follow Below steps to upload custom templates on blogger.

1. From the setting, select the "template" and search "backup/restore" which at top corner.

2. Now click the "backup/restore" and backup your current template.

3. Now browse your .xml file and upload it to your blog. Now you can customize your template layout.

Hope, You understood how to upload custom templates on blogger. Still if you have problem, let us know via comment.

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