Friday, December 14, 2012

Why People Curious About LED lighting Technology?

Just visited your friend's or any relative's house and noticed the beautiful LEDs in their home? If this is the case with you, then your mind must be curious to know that why your friend or relative has replaced the tradition CFL or Fluorescent bulbs.

 Right? Well, don't get lost in the clouds of confusion and read this article to put an end to your curiosity. This article will bring answer to your question 'Are LEDs Worth Using' ? Let's proceed ahead to the answer part.

Long Life

Whenever I buy something, I wish to use that product for a long, so that my money can be safe in my pocket. This is thinking of smart shopper. LEDs come with the guarantee of long lifetime and keep running perfectly for about 16 years. This means that you spend your money on LED for once, and then enjoy it for 16 years.


Now that's perfect example of shopping. That is  what we call the perfect investment. Your friend or relative is smart enough which clearly reflects from his/her selection of LED technology over the CFLs and Fluorescent bulbs. But what about you?Why you are still living the same old lifestyle?

No Heat

The heat production in LEDs is near to zero. While CFLs produce much heat while in use. Now zero heat production by LEDs is beneficial for you in two ways. Firstly, as the heat production is zero, it clearly means that LED bulb is not wasting a single part of input energy.

 Secondly, as whole of the input energy gets converted into light, so you find your electricity bills to get reduced. Moreover, no heat production by the LEDs makes them to stand at the top most in safety measures. So one can use LED bulbs in small areas, without any fear.

Environment Friendly

If you buy CFL bulbs, then its a foolish step not only from its bad points for yourself, but its bad points for the environment as well. There are many people who are unaware from the fact that CFL manufacturing includes the use of extremely dangerous material for environment, 'Mercury'. So if any person uses CFL, then he/she plays a role in the more use of Mercury.

 Though this role is indirect and can't be blamed directly, but yes, can be blamed for some extent. The manufacturing work of LEDs does not include the use of 'Mercury' or any other harmful material. This makes LEDs as environment friendly products.

Available in Various Shapes

While having a look at your friend's house's lighting system, you must have noticed the beautifully designed LEDs. This is another plus point in using LED technology. As the LEDs come in various shapes and outer colors, so you can opt for the one, that suits you the most, one that suits your home arrangement the most. While in CFL, you are compelled to use that poorly designed bulbs. The major points are in your front. The choice is yours. I hope that you can now answer your own question 'Are LEDs worth Using?'


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