Friday, December 7, 2012

Bloggers Checklist for writing a blog

Bloggers should think about certain factors while writing a blog for the getting the page rank up by the position. Many fresher bloggers make mistakes while writing the blog and because of this they are not able to get the blog higher in position on the list. There are certain things on which a blogger should keep the eye and make them correct while writing the blog. To move your blog up in the search list, one should take care of certain factors like word counts, keywords, hyperlinks, images, subheadings and many more. If bloggers would take care of these factors while writing the blog then he or she can successfully write the blog and make it a popular one on the net.

While writing a blog, first of all bloggers should take care of the length of the blog. If you are writing the blog in WordPress then it will show the minimum length of the blog is 300 characters. But the advisable word count for a blog should be 450 characters or above it because when the content is more, the level of understanding of the topic would be more and reader would feel easy to understand the topic and it would be very easy to interpret. Also less information in the blog does not look good and appealing so the informative text attracts the reader.

One of the most important factor for the bloggers is the number of the keyword's appearance in the blog. Normally keyword is measured by the keyword density and it should be between 1-3 %. Keyword density means the number of times the keyword appeared per 100 words. That means the standard density for the keyword is around 2%. The keyword must appear in the beginning of the first paragraph and in the ending of the last paragraph.

 It should also appear in the title of the page and the description of the page as well. There can be secondary keywords which are the other keyword then the main keyword, so the bloggers should keep in mind these keywords also. One more important thing is that the keyword should be relative and common so that more people would search by this keyword. There has to be hyperlinks in the blog page for easy navigation to the website pages.

 But there should not be too many hyperlinks in the page; rather only 2 or 3 links should be there in the text. There has to be subheadings such as h2 h3 in the blog for specifying the topic name or some naming the portion of the blog. One of those subheadings should also contain the primary keyword in it. You can put the images in the blog but not much, rather 1 or 2.

 The images should contain the links and you should provide the primary keyword for the alternative text of the image inserted. Checking all these things, makes the blog better for the bloggers and bloggers should keep checking such factors in the blog while writing for improving the blog.

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