Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What is a Poke In Facebook: Poked Meaning

Two day ago, I was answering Facebook related problem on Yahoo answer forum. And, i have found hundred of questions related to "Facebook Poke" in the forum. So I have decided to write article on Poke.

what is poke
when someone pokes you on Facebook, you will get poke notification on your Facebook timeline. Also, you will get "remove poke" or "poke back" options.

Poked meaning

 The poke can be used variety of ways on Fb
1.) You can use poke feature to "Say Hello".
 2.) You can use poke to attract attention of other user.
 3.) Sometime, it can be used to tease your friends.

So meaning of poke depends upon different situation.In short, main purpose of poking is to draw attention to any users.
Facebook poke meaning
How to poke a Friend:
  • Go to the profile of your friend.
  • Now click the setting tab at top left of the timeline.
  • Press "poke". It's all done!
Who can I poke and who can poke me? 
You are allowed to poke your confirmed friends, people that in your shared network and friend of a friends. Same procedure is allowed to other users.

So this is all about Facebook poke, start take advantage of this feature.


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