Friday, August 31, 2012

How to block and unblock Friends on Facebook

There are hundred of reasons to block someone on Facebook. It maybe you hate that person or maybe you don't want to share your personal information. Whatever be the reason, you want block or unblock someone on Facebook. In this post, I will teach you how to block/unblock people in Facebook easily.

How to Block Friend On Facebook

block Friends on Facebook
Blocking someone in Facebook is Very Easy. To block someone, Simply open the profile of that person. At the top of Facebook profile as shown in image, you can is Report/block feature. You can use this feature to report and block any person.

How to unblock Friends on Facebook

1. Log in your Facebook account and scroll down the "privacy setting" for next step.

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2. Now on "privacy setting",  find the Blocked People and Apps  and click the "mange blocking" for next step.

mange facebook blocking

3. Now you can block someone by name and email address. There is also list of blocked people with "unblock" option. Simply click on that option to unblock the friends.

unblock facebook friends

 Hope you liked the post. If you have any problem related to Facebook, let me know via comment.

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