Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sites Like Facebook | social networking sites

Facebook is the most popular social networking website on internet. In Facebook users can post status, share photos, create pages and join groups. It has all features of Idea social networking website. But beyond Facebook, there are thousands of social networking websites similar or better than Facebook. So, in this article I am going to share some cool social networking sites like Facebook that are popular on Internet.

1. Google Plus

Last year, Google launched a new social networking website called Google plus which has features similar to Facebook. Like facebook at Google plus users can share text, images and videos. You can create different circles to add your friends and family members. Hangout feature let you do video chat with online friends. You need not to register any account for Google plus, you can login with your Google account. You can easily Gmail friends on Google plus.

2. Twitter

Twitter is another website like facebook where you can connect with friends and family members. Twitter is best place to find expert and celebrities to follow. After following people, you will get their tweets on your wall.

3. Linkedin

LinkedIn is another popular social networking website for professional users. It has millions of registered users. LinkedIn is the best place to expand business and connect with professional people.

sites like facebook


4. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networking website where users can add Image, video and other object on their profile. You can use your Facebook account to connect with pinterest.


5. friendster

Friendster is popular social gaming website where you can chat with online friends and play online games. You can connect your Facebook account with friendster.


6. Hi5

Hi5 is another popular social networking website like Facebook where users can update status, create profile and upload photos. Hi5 is also allows the user play free games online. You can use your Facebook account to login hi5.


7. Tagged

Tagged is another big social networking website which has above 300 million registered users. It has features similar to other social networking websites. You can create albums, share updates and send messages to your friends.


8. Bebo

Bebo is one of the best Facebook alternatives where users can post blogs, photos, music and videos. It has features to add friends and send messages.

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