Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to Remove Footer Links From Free Custom Blogger Templates

Blogger is a popular blogging platform handled by Google. Blogger has own cool templates but they are not  so attractive. But, we can add our custom templates easily. On searching Google, you will get thousands of free blogger templates.

But, Most the free blogspot templates consists two or three links on footers. Footer links looking so ugly on our blogs. You can remove these links easily.

blogger links

Follow the below steps to remove footer links from blogger templates.

1. Login Your blogspot account with your email address. In setting tab, Click the "template" Link.

2. Now Click the "edit Html" and tick the " ".

3. Now copy the footer links location from your free blogger template.

4. Now in Blogger, press CTRL+F and find the copied links.  Now remove the existing links or replace with any other links. Finally, saved the templates.

You can see in current blog, I have removed footer links from custom templates. In WordPress blog its a little complicated, but in blogger its easy. Hope, you liked the information.

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