Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Add Emoticons and Smileys on Facebook Comments and status

Smileys or emoticons are cool way to show our expression and feelings. Smileys makes our comments or status more attractive. As we know Facebook supports smileys or emoticons on chat. But now Facebook started supporting smileys or emoticons on status and comments. If you wondered how to add smileys on status and comments, follow the below steps to add smileys on Facebook.

1. From your web browser, login your Facebook account with username and password.

2. Now write anything on status and comments. Do not click the share button because you have to add smileys with status and comments.

facebook Emoticons
faceboo smileys

3. From the images copy smiley codes and paste with your status. Finally click enter button and see your status. Smileys will be added to your comments and status. You can grab more smileys from website.

So try these smileys on your Facebook wall and comments. Hope you enjoyed the post.


  1. Thanks for this. I saw they also had an emoticon for penguin, pacman and even "like" You can have way too much fun with that

  2. I came across some pages where the comments were looking a bit different today. Took a second for me to realize that the Smileys aka Emoticons we use in the Comments and Chats had the actual graphical icons in the comments too. I also found this video: Facebook emoticon